Oil Conserving Fryers

Gas or electric, Frymaster’s 30-lb. oil conserving fryers offer the same production capacity as their 50-lb. competitors, yet take 40% less oil to fill; resulting in less oil used and less oil discarded into the waste stream.

Filtering Systems

Regular filtration is the key to extending oil life and to ensuring quality fried foods. Frymaster has both built-in and portable filters that make this process quick, easy and convenient.

High Efficiency Fryers

Industry leading, energy efficient, high production frying. Frymaster combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of frying experience and customer satisfaction to set the standard for high-efficiency frying.

Pasta Cookers

Available in both gas and electric Frymaster offers a complete line up of pasta cookers and rethermailizers.

Economy Fryers

Outstanding Frymaster reliability and durability at value pricing. Frymaster’s economy fryers are unsurpassed in their versatility, controlled performance and low maintenance needs.

Holding & Merchandising

Holding food at optimal temperatures is a profitable strategy for foodservice operators. Frymaster has hot holding equipment that holds fried foods while preserving optimal food quality.